alexAlex Hawthorne writes things, she has played with words in various forms for many years, things like blogs, articles and scraps of paper filled with her thoughts. She started her first novel about a year ago, it is a slow process but she’s happier to be climbing that mountain steadily one chapter at a time, rather than just thinking about it. Getting the words out of her brain helps to keep her sane.

The hamster wheel in her head is kept in motion by ideas of sexual expression, feminism, and embracing one’s own cringe for the sake of living artfully; her book in progress is filled with these thoughts. This blog will have a smattering of them too, in the hopes that people will like her words, and want more, lots more, when she eventually publishes it.

Quite clearly this is a pseudonym, partly because she is yellow bellied about speaking about her sex life so publicly. Mostly it is to protect the identities of those she has been lucky and unlucky enough to have sex with. If talking about ones sex life was a solo endeavour she would drop the name, but it’s not, so anonymity is essential for the others involved in her encounters. If you suspect you know who the lovely Alex is, please be a decent skin and keep this suspicion to yourself. Her question mark mask allows her to speak with words she has always felt the need to hide, it would be a shame for those words to skuttle back into the closet.